The Locomotives of Frihdrik Tešlov 

Frihdrik Tešlov (1893-1967) took over as chief engineer after the ignominious departure of his predecessor in 1929. His first few years in office were taken up with providing the RSR with a new fleet of locomotives against a background of deep economic recession. The longevity of many of his locomotives from the 1930s, in particular the class 323D 4-6-0s, is ample proof of his success in this venture. After spending the period of the Second World War in exile, Tešlov returned to his homeland and his railway to lay the foundations of the RSR's highly successful post-war motive power policy, the fruits of which we still see today.

323D 1933 323E 1934
344D 1935
433B 1935 433C 1936 333A 1937
474A 1938
344DD 1938 864A 1938
433CC 1939 434B 1939  0-6-0T - picture pending 321D 1945
423D 1946 323F 1947 523B 1948
523C 1949 433D 1950 533A 1954

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