Class 433B 2-8-0 (1935)

Class 433B 3-Cylinder Goods Locomotive
Designed by Frihdrik Tešlov
Built in 1935 by Schneider & Cie., Le Creusot, France

The 433B is a clear example of Tešlov's "mix-and-match" approach to design. Although the 3-cylinder drive was destined for the 433C, it was noticed that the boiler of the existing 323D 4-6-0 would fit such a chassis very nicely. And so it came to pass. In the event, the 433Bs were a bit too light on their feet for goods work, but the engines found a niche on the semi-fast services between Velšia Damroka and Belšinohra via Bevice Dronti, a service they performed till the mid-1950's, when they, like so many other older classes, were displaced by Rodnivacek's 423D 4-8-0s.

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