The Locomotives of Marek Luršimonš 
Marek Luršimonš (1824-1908) inherited from his predecessor a stock of locomotives of somewhat varying usefulness. Some were quite soon withdrawn but others still soldiered on for many years. Luršimonš is best remembered for his "Allegretto" class of 2-4-0s, which revolutionised the RSR's passenger business and set the pace and style for locomotive development on the RSR until the turn of the century. Incorrigibly hard-working (what we would nowadays call a workaholic), Marek Luršimonš finally listened to his physician and retired from his post in 1891. This was evidently sound advice, for he went on to live to the ripe age of 84.
F 1857 G 1858 A2 1859
H 1860 I 1862 J 1863
K 1863 A3 1865 L 1868
M 1871 N 1874 Q 1875
O 1878 P 1880 Q1 1882
Q2 1883 O1 1884 Picture in progress
R 1885
S 1887 R1 1888 Picture in progress T 1889

Dates in red indicate a non-realised design.
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