Class P 0-6-2T (1880)

Class P 2-Cylinder Passenger Tank Locomotive
Designed by Marek Luršimonš
Built in 1880 by SLM, Winterthur, Switzerland

The opening of new suburban routes and the extension of existing ones in the late 1870s caused a rapid and drastic increase in the weight of local trains. Almost overnight the plucky class L 2-4-2Ts were virtually outclassed. Luršimonš, forewarned in good time, had already ordered this stocky 0-6-2T from SLM. Sixty of them were placed in service over a period of 18 months. Unfortunately, their long rigid coupled wheelbase caused trouble (and a few derailments) on the sharp curves of the Bevice circle line until the necessary modifications could be made. This line thus remained a stronghold of the class L for a while longer. The Ps kept charge of suburban passenger and goods work well into the 20th century, staving off the challenge of Belčamin's B9 with almost accomplished ease. The final task of the class P was the so-called back alley line from Velšia Damroka to Dämenova, where they lasted till 1913.

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