Class F 2-2-2 (1857)

Class F 2-Cylinder Express Passenger Locomotive
Designed by Marek Luršimonš
Built in 1857 by Robert Stephenson & Co., Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

These locomotives were introduced in 1857 by Marek Luršimonš and placed in service on the main lines radiating from Bevice. A total of 30 were built. They soon acquired a reputation for economy and smart running, handling the light principal expresses of the day at start-to-stop speeds of over 90 kph. Already superseded on these duties during the 1860s, they were relegated to branch and local traffic, but soon, with constantly growing train weights, even this work proved too much for them on the many steeply-graded lines. A few old diehards soldiered on in the northern plains but all had gone to the scrapyard by 1875. The RSR was not a good place for single-drivers. None was preserved.

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