Class Q 4-4-0 (1875)

Class Q2 2-Cylinder Express Passenger Locomotive
Designed by Marek Luršimonš
Rebuilt in 1883 from class Q by RSR Works, Bevice-Akohniçe

As is well known, the class Q 4-4-0s were no improvement on the "Allegrettos" and were certainly less well-liked by the footplatemen. After the qualified success of the Q1s, Luršimonš decided to look again at the 4-4-0 type and found a patently simple solution, namely a larger boiler for the Qs. The addition of larger cylinders rounded out the formula and made the Q2s much more useful. The rebuilt engines were able to work the same diagrams as the Q1s but with better economy. However the fact that Luršimonš produced the class R Atlantics just two years later shows well enough that the Q2 was also not quite up to the mark. The Q2s managed to hold out for somewhat longer, the last ones being withdrawn by Karel Belčamin by 1899, finally displaced by the C5s.

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