Class K 0-6+4-0 (1863)  

Class K 2-Cylinder Fink System Articulated Locomotive
Designed by Marek Luršimonš
Built in 1863 by Krauß & Co., Linz, Austria

In common with many of his contemporaries, Luršimonš could not resist the temptation try articulated side rod drive. The locomotive seen here was expected to herald a new era of motive power performance. In the event, the engine did not live up to any of the hopes placed in it. The main problem lay in the Fink system drive. Although the problem of geometrical inaccuracy was well known, Luršimonš seems to have thought he had the answer. Certainly, the connecting struts between the axleboxes and layshaft journals were more carefully planned than in Fink's design and were also adjustable but success remained elusive. Typically, an adjustment that worked on (say) a right-hand curve was wrong for a curve to the left, and vice-versa. After some six months of experimenting, the drive to the rear unit was dismantled and the engine ran as an 0-6-4T till 1870. An overall cab was also fitted, as shown below.

Class K1 0-6-4T

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