The Locomotives of Artur Gorote 

Artur Gorote (born 1954) was the first chief mechanical engineer not be on the RSR's staff when the momentous decision of 1959 was taken, deferring any further decision on the replacement of steam power for over twenty years. He was certainly present, however, when that vital decision of 1980 was made, not to dispense with steam but to invest in its ongoing development. The fleet that Gorote inherited on his predecessor Jochann Ketterik's advancement to General Manager (Traffic) was more than adequate for the RSR's needs for the rest of the 20th century. The fulfilment by Gorote of the mandate of 1980, namely the furthering of steam locomotive development, has been described by its supporters as courageous, forward-looking, inspired and patriotic, and by its detractors as self-deluding, blinkered and anachronistic. A large part of Gorote's work was not seen by the public, however, being concerned with continuous improvements in detail design, which have little effect on a locomotive's external appearance, or with projects that never got beyond the drawing board.

There is no denying in the final analysis the benefits to the Ruhnian economy of self-sufficiency in fuel and the resulting rise of tourism in the country, which was helped in no small measure by the interest generated through the continued reign of the steam locomotive in Ruhnia and the introduction of the Nostalgia Expresses from 1994 onwards.

434E 1985 434F 1986
434DD 1994 455AA 1996
565A 1997 635A 1997
640A 1998 564BB 1999
755A 2000 655A 2003
655B 2004 115A 2005
665A 2005 465A 2006
434DE 2006
Animation in progress

445A 2007
675A 2009 885A 2011
455AB 2012 755B 2013
985A 2014 985B 2016
Animation in progress 645A 2017

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