The Locomotives of Mikhail Rodnivacek 

Mihkail Rodnivacek (1912-1971) was, like his forebear Karel Belčamin, a product of the RSR's well-proven successor grooming policy. He first entered the company's service in 1929 and rose rapidly through the ranks to become Tešlov's assistant in 1938. In his aversion to compounding and articulation he was a true follower of the Tešlov way. In adhering to a big-engine policy, too, he emulated his boss's methods, the locomotives he produced growing in size and power. Rodnivacek was also instrumental in the decision, taken in 1959, to suspend all deliberations on the replacement of steam power and defer any further treatment of the matter until 1980, for which he earned the well-deserved thanks and admiration of proponents, adherents and lovers of the steam locomotive throughout the world. Only in his last design, the prototype 434C, did he revert to compounding, finally succumbing to the influence of such masters as Chapelon and Porta. Dogged by ill-health as a result of privations suffered during the Second World War (having decided not to follow his chief into exile), Rodnivacek resigned from the RSR at the early age of 50.

    545A 1943
 344E  1950
433E 1950 533B 1951 523D 1951
523E 1952 433F 1953   Picture in progress - 2-6-0 323G 1954
423E 1954 423F 1954 333B 1955
533C 1956
533AA 1957 323FF 1958
520A 1958 433G 1961 434C 1961

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