Class 523E 2-10-2T (1952)

Class 523E 2-Cylinder Goods Tank Locomotive
Designed by Mikhail Rodnivacek
Built in 1952 by Henschel & Sohn, Kassel, Germany

At first glance, the 523E looks like tank version of the 523C 2-10-0. The boiler however is much shorter in the 523E. Aside from that, the family resemblance between the 523E and most post-war Tešlov and Rodnivacek classes is unmistakable. The use of many standard components makes it very likely that this engine was the product of a sort of "mix and match" design method.  Certainly, the cylinders, running gear and much of the mainframes were identical to those of the 523C, and the tanks, cab and bunker differ only in length from those of the 523B and 423E. Once delivered, the 523Es were considered hard to allocate, and were moved from MPD to MPD with almost comical regularity. They finally ended up shared between Tereçko and Forihv. Like their close relatives, the 523Cs, these engines were quite short-lived (and for the same reasons), the last examples being withdrawn in 1965.

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