The Locomotives of Jochann Ketterik 

Jochann Ketterik (born 1933) was the youngest appointee to the office of RSR CME, succeeding the early-retiring Rodnivacek at the age of 29. It was left to Ketterik to complete the transition in RSR motive power policy to compounding, re-introducing Garratt locomotives and pioneering the application of the Doherty six-cylinder compound system. It was Ketterik also who steered steam traction through its severest crisis after the failure of his class 564C engines to meet expectations, his political acumen and well-proven engineering skill enabling him to retain the confidence the managing board. His five-cylinder development of the Doherty system has kept the steam locomotive in place on the RSR for, it is to be hoped, many more years to come. In 1985 Ketterik was promoted to General Manager (Traffic) and retired in 1998.

434D 1962 533D 1962 164A 1963
634A 1964 364A 1966 533E 1968
633A 1971 564A 1974 564B 1975
564C 1976 364AA 1980 555A 1981
      455A 1986      

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