Passenger Rolling Stock of Bela Šahlmeti

Like many locomotive engineers, Bela Šahlmeti (1878-1944) cut his teeth on carriage and wagon work. His passenger coaches, at first quite staid, soon became typical of the iconoclastic attitude to design that characterised his later locomotive work.  It was not long before the traditional wooden coachwork, with its panels and beading, gave way to smooth, almost featureless surfaces, whose lack of decoration was, initially, hard for people with more time-honoured ideas to accept. In time, however, passengers were won over by the comfort of the interiors and the RSR's accountants were delighted with the drastically reduced cost  of cleaning and maintenance. Šahlmeti's rolling stock proved to be very durable, the last vehicles remaining in service well into the 1960s.


CK07L 1904 x x x



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