The Locomotives of Giorg Maznicek 

Giorg Maznicek (1819-78) was the RSR's first chief engineer, taking office in 1841. His early years in the job were taken up with the founding of the workshops at Akohniçe and organising the locomotive stock he took over from the general manager, Iosif Ruhkani. Typically for the period, Maznicek's engines were quite a mixed bag, as he tried out various types in the search for power and reliability. By 1857, when Maznicek resigned after a row with the directors over the design of a new bridge over the Kroplihne in Bevice, both long-boilers and Cramptons had been given their chance and shown what they could (and couldn't) do.

A 1846
B 1846
C 1848

D 1849
A1 1855

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