Class A 2-4-0 (1944)

Class A 2-Cylinder General Purpose Locomotive
Designed by Giorg Maznicek
Built in 1844 by Robert Stephenson & Co., Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

This, the first class of locomotive designed by Giorg Maznicek for the RSR, was placed in service in 1844 on the newly-opened lines from Bevice to Magane and Parvašč. They were quite robust little machines and their excellent reliability and smooth running (they were, in effect, an outside-framed Hawkshaw type) soon ensured them a place at the head of all the RSR's more important trains. As was usual in those days, the engine itself had no brakes, reliance being placed on those on the tender and spaced along the train. Over the years, the locomotives underwent various technical improvements, including the fitting of dry sanding gear and cabs to give the crew some protection from the Ruhnian winter. The class A were soon displaced from express service by later designs (finally by the "Allegrettos" of 1865), but went on to acquit themselves admirably on secondary and local work until the early 1890s.

In the late 1850's, some of these engines were fitted with six-wheeled tenders, which increased both fuel capacity and braking power.

Class Aa 2-4-0 (1858)

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