Passenger Rolling Stock of Jochann Dugehrie

Jochann Dugehrie (1901-1941), who took office in 1929, was a leading light of modern design on the RSR. He it was who first introduced art-déco styling to what today would be called the "customer interface". Besides producing the 1935 series of coaches, Dugehrie influenced the new decor for a number of stations, notably Pachlo Chabost, Dämenova Dronti, Krimpa and Freltehnie. These were followed by a host of small details, including such mundane articles as ashtrays, timetable brochures and refreshment room crockery. Still in office at the start of the second world war, having failed (some say decided) not to follow Frihdrik Tešlov into exile, Jochann Dugehrie soon came into the cross-hairs of the invading Nazis. His Jewish ancestry (his father was cantor at the local synagogue) and his reputation as a well-known avant-garde designer made him a prime target for the murderous anti-Semitism that followed and he was sacked in early 1941 and deported soon afterwards. Records show that he perished in Auschwitz.

BSK04 1935 RK12 1935 x x x
FK07 1935 SK08 1935      
BSK05 1938 FK08 1938      
RU05 1938 SK09 1938      

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