Type RK12 12-Bay Composite Articulated Dining Car
Designed by Jochann Dugehrie
Built in 1935 by TFR Nevedov, Parvašč, Ruhnia

As the recovery of the world's economy from the Great Depression gathered pace, the RSR started a comprehensive programme to improve the quality of passenger services. A significant part of this project was the creation of better rolling stock for the major express routes. The RCW manager, Jochann Dugehrie, designed a new series of coaches loosely based on and superficially resembling the "saucisson" stock of the French Chemin de Fer de l'État. The origin of certain details, notably the oval windows, is unmistakable. The interiors were also in a quite avant-garde art-déco style. The use of a monocoque body mounted on a central spine was very advanced for its day and allowed the tare weight to be kept to 42 tonnes. In other respects the coaches were quite orthodox, using Commonwealth bogies, concertina corridor gangways and dynamo-driven lighting. The articulated dining car shown here is the only deviation from the 4-axle standard layout of this stock. The 1935 stock suffered much damage during the second world war and over half the vehicles remaining at the end of hostilities had to be scrapped. Luckily, one rake of these fine carriages has been preserved for posterity and is normally to be seen running between Kropčahne and Forihv.

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