RSR Signalling

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Like most railways, the RSR today employs exclusively colour-light signals. This was, of course, not always the case.

Semaphore Signals

In 1925 the RSR embarked on a signalling standardisation programme. This called for the use of identical arms on all semaphore signals and identical aspects for junctions, calling-on and shunting. All signals were to be upper-quadrant with an angle of movement of sixty degrees. Splitting signals for junctions in the English style had previously not been widespread on the RSR. The RK favoured these much more and they were also applied by the RSR in the 1925 project. A special aspect for a diverging route (as used in Germany, for example) was not considered necessary.

RSR home signal

Stop                                                         Proceed
Home/Starting Signal

RSR home/distant signal

     Stop                                              Proceed, next signal at Stop       Proceed
Home/Distant Signal

Home signal with calling-on arm
   Stop                                                   Advance to shunt limit
Starting Signal with Calling-On Arm

Home/distant junction signal
    Proceed on right-hand diverging route
Home / Distant Junction Signal

Shunting signals
      Stop                             Proceed                     Proceed on right-hand diverging route
Shunting Signals


Colour-Light Signals
The 1925 system persisted until 1964, when a programme of full colour-light signalling was embarked upon. There had been a few isolated colour-light installations before that, usually in conjunction with some other modernisation scheme, notably the stations at Dämenova Krečki and Dronti and the yards between them in 1937, and the docks at Bevice Pofedra in 1953. These showed quite clearly the advantages of colour-light signalling, in particular better visibility and simpler maintenance. In the 1964 scheme, a diverging route aspect was provided. The replacement of an entire railway's signalling system obviously cannot be achieved overnight and it was not until early 1970 that the last semaphores disappeared.
Colour-light Home Signal

      Stop                                                  Proceed

Colour-Light Home/Starting Signal

Colout-light Home/Distant Signal

       Stop                                                                                Proceed, next signal amber                                   Proceed
                                                     Proceed, next signal red                                        Proceed, next signal double amber

Colour-Light Home/Distant Signal

Colour-light Home / Distant Junction Signal

                  Stop                                                                   Proceed, next signal amber                                    Proceed on right-hand diverging route
                                 Proceed, next signal red                                        Proceed, next signal double amber       

Colour-Light Home/Distant Junction Signal