Class 433A 0-8-0 (1928)

Class 433A 3-Cylinder Heavy Shunting Locomotive
Designed by Bela Šahlmeti
Built by Robert Stephenson & Co., Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, in 1928

The last design the RSR received from Bela Šahlmeti was this hunky shunter, which was conceived especially for the new hump marshalling yards at Belšinohra and Terešan. Three-cylinder propulsion was chosen for its more even torque and (in theory, at least) quieter exhaust. In the event, these engines were more than the equal of their task and performed their duty quietly and efficiently. The 433A was also fitted with the Gresley-Holcroft conjugated gear to simplify maintenance. A conspicuous feature was the way the cab overhung the front of the tender chassis, a typical Šahlmeti measure to minimise the overall length. The idea was retained on the RSR for many years, appearing in moderated form on Tešlov's pre-war designs. Rumour has it that Robert Riddles was also inspired by this innovation when designing his standard locomotives for British Railways. The 433As were fitted with generous steps and platforms at both ends, to enable shunting staff to be taken aboard and given a lift down the yard.

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