Class 523Y 2-10-0 (1927)

Class 523Y 2-Cylinder Goods Locomotive

Designed by Bela Šahlmeti ca.1927

Karel Belčamin, it seems, was not the last RSR engineer to leave behind plans for engines that were never built. Several drawings were found in his filing cabinets, including this 2-10-0 which was clearly derived from the 423X 2-8-0. Basically, like the 423X, a new chassis under the existing boiler of the 323C 4-6-0, this locomotive would certainly have been the equal of its work, if it had had any, that is. The Šahlmeti rebuilds of the Belčamin 0-8-0s were still doing good work and were ably supported by the D6A 4-8-0s, and so an additional 2-10-0 goods engine was really not needed. There is a certain undeniable resemblance to the "Russian Decapods" of twelve years earlier.

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