Class C5c 4-6-0 (1912)

Class C5C 4-Cylinder Tandem Compound Passenger Locomotive
Designed by Karel Belčamin
Rebuilt from Classes C5 and C5B in 1912 by RSR Works,
Bevice-Akohniçe, Ruhnia

The C5C was the final variation on the tandem compound 4-6-0 layout. By 1912, the E1 0-10-0s had been in service for a year and their excellent boilers were soon applied to other designs, including the C5. The C5C was destined not to last long, however. Although the boilers were new, the running gear dated back in some cases to 1897 and was showing its age, despite the RSR's high standards of maintenance and repair. Belčamin, not wanting to depart from a time-honoured design, retained the old tandem compound arrangement, and this was the engines' undoing. The new boilers delivered steam at a higher pressure and a higher temperature of superheat, meaning more power for the running gear to transmit to the rail. The frames were not rigid enough and the axlebox and crankpin journals too small. The rate of hot-boxes soared and there were even instances of sheared crankpins, not to mention ruined big-ends. All these problems only hastened the demise of the C5Cs, the last one disappearing in 1917.

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