Class CC1 2-6-2+2-6-2 Garratt (1911)

Class CC1 4-Cylinder Compound Garratt Goods Locomotive
Designed in 1911 by Karel Belčamin

Shortly after the rejection of the DD1, Karel Belčamin had one last try to convince the RSR management that a Garratt locomotive would be a good investment. He had the drawing office work out this design for a double prairie type, which except for the wheel arrangement was all but identical to the DD1. Belčamin already realised at this time the value of carrying axles at both ends of the power bogies, although they were only mounted in plain bissel pony trucks. It was all to no avail, however. The RSR board had already gone off the idea of Garratts, and refused even to consult Beyer Peacock about the CC1. Whether the CC1 would have been a good investment is hard to judge. The price of a CC1 would not have been much different from that of a DD1 and in retrospect the RSR was quite right to wait for the DD2 with its carrying axles and double eight-coupled adhesion.

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