Class D8 0-8-0 (1910) 

Class D8 2-Cylinder Goods Locomotive
Designed by Karel Belčamin
Built in 1910 by Krauss & Co., Linz, Austria

Why these 0-8-0s were constructed is something of a mystery. The goods locomotives in service in 1910 were in general the equal of their work. More likely a political motive lay behind it, board opinion having shifted very definitely in favour of Austrian builders. Although this phase was quite short, it did result in the ordering of Belčamin's class D8 from Krauss's Linz works, even though they were not urgently needed. At least it was possible to keep the design effort to a minimum by using the existing boiler of the B10 and B11. In the event, the Krauss engines lived up to their builder's reputation for sound construction and reliability and allowed a number of older engines to be withdrawn or relegated. Twenty-seven engines were delivered between late 1910 and mid-1911, when the first of Belčamin's E1 0-10-0s were placed in service. Bela Šahlmeti rebuilt some of these locomotives as 2-8-0s to improve their running qualities at higher speeds. The class remained concentrated in the Forihv area until the last rebuilt examples were withdrawn during the early 1930s.

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