Class E27 0-10-0T (1905)

Class E27 Shunting Tank Locomotive
Designed by Karel Belčamin in 1905

Another of the non-realised designs brought to light by the clearout of old archives and filing cabinets ordered by Tešlov in 1932 was this business-like 0-10-0T. In this case, Belčamin had extended the boiler (without, evidently, altering the firebox) to provide enough steam to power the ten driving wheels. It seems almost as if Belčamin had anticipated the building of the new marshalling yards after the First World War, where these locos would have been extremely useful. But it was not to be. Bela Šahlmeti, who was Belčamin's assistant at the time, had no interest in promoting his chief's work in his absence. Not until 1928 did the RSR acquire sufficiently powerful shunting engines, ironically Šahlmeti's class 433A 0-8-0s.

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