Class D28 0-8-2T (1905)

Class D28 Shunting Tank Locomotive
Designed by Karel Belčamin in 1905

The clearout of old archives and filing cabinets ordered by Tešlov in 1932 brought to light a number of interesting designs, including the 0-8-2T shown here. In reality only an extended C9 with an extra pair driving wheels and a longer coal bunker, the D28 does show the potential that Belčamin saw in his work. The higher coal and water capacity would have released the engine from the shunting yards to work on the steep branch lines in the Southern Highlands, where the eight coupled wheels would have been of considerable benefit. There is no record of the design ever having been presented to the board, perhaps because Belčamin's deputy, Bela Šahlmeti, had no interest in promoting his boss's work.

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