Class D27 0-8-0T (1905)

Class D27 Shunting Tank Locomotive
Designed by Karel Belčamin in 1905

In addition to the 0-6-0T he produced just before leaving for his tour of foreign locomotive works and builders, Belčamin also designed this eight-coupled version. The only difference vis-à-vis the C9 was the extra coupled axle, which by itself did not contribute much to the adhesive weight. There would therefore have been no significant improvement in power output. There is no record of Belčamin even submitting the design to the board, so he must himself have realised that the D27 would not have been a particularly good investment. The D27 was one of several non-realised designs discovered in the archives at Akohnice during a clearout in preparation for upgrading the Locomotive Department's offices in 1932.

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